King’s Shakespeare Company to Stage Play in 24 Hours

King’s Shakespeare Company will take on the ambitious task of putting on a Shakespeare play in just 24 hours this Saturday.

The cast will meet the evening before curtain-up to receive scripts, learn lines and block out the production before performing in Tutu’s – and maybe squeeze in a nap to overcome the inevitable exhaustion.

Whilst the play’s title is being kept under wraps until the big day, producer Holly Nicholls has revealed that they will have a cast of nine people, most of whom will be doubling up on roles. ‘We wanted a tight group that can work well together and keep each other’s energy up when we all crave sleep.’

It seems impossible to prepare for a show in 24 hours that would normally take months of rehearsal. How do they plan to pull it off? Nicholls says, “I’m having to be very organised in the way set, props and costumes will be sourced prior to the 24 hour rehearsal time as once that starts it will be near impossible to fix anything.”

Whilst there may be some hitches on the day, I’m sure the audience will be wowed regardless – rehearsing Shakespeare in 24 hours is no mean feat!