NUS Blackout: King’s could save £205k each year if they shut down non-essential equipment

Roar News / Johnny Tam

KING’S saved 12 percent on energy usage during last weekend’s NUS Blackout when student and staff volunteers shut off all non-essential equipment across areas of the Strand, Waterloo and Denmark Hill campuses.

Sustainability assistant for King’s Sustainability Sarah Hayes said if King’s performed the blackout each weekend, the College would save £94,027 and 874,547 kWh per year. It would also save 432 tonnes in its CO2 emissions.

Strand campus could save £65,698 each weekend, Waterloo could save £21,993 and Denmark Hill could save £6,335, according to Hayes.

The College could save £205,176 per year if non-essential equipment was shut off every night across the whole campus, she said.

The weekend’s savings were calculated based on a 2010 to 2014 baseline, and the total amount of kilowatt hours saved was 16,818.23.

The Strand campus saved the most energy, a total of 11,751 kWh. Waterloo and Denmark Hill saved 3,933 and 1,133.17 kWh respectively.

Volunteers shut off 559 monitors, 522 lights, 508 PCs and 131 printers across all of the campuses.