Roar does go Global Week: 6 of the best study abroad stories from King’s

IT’S King’s Go Global Week so we asked some people to share their weird, wacky and wonderful stories from their time on study abroad. Enjoy! 

1. Tits up Down Under

So I was paddle boarding in Australia and decided to paddle far out and sunbathe topless. It all went tits up. The current picked up and I managed to get stuck in some rocks with no top on.

A family spotted me and came to my rescue. The rocks were too sharp for me to walk barefoot so, to my mortification, I had to hop on a 60-year-old man’s back while his son-in-law carried the board. Luckily, I had my bikini top on by this point.

I found out the next day the water was a breeding ground for sharks.

Kezia Bayard-White – University of Sydney


2. Can you China’t to sit on my feet?

During my first overnight train ride from Beijing to Datong, I woke up in the communal sleeping area to find six local Chinese men at the end of my bed.

They turned out to be harmless, but it was frightening nonetheless!

Dom Rech – University of Hong Kong


3. Sofa, so good

So I’m in the middle of the Colorado Desert in a huge trailer community and we somehow found ourselves watching something that resembles a talent contest.

There were naked kids riding dogs, more battered sofas than you thought could be found in the desert, and a conflated feeling that you were doing something awesome while not knowing if you would ever see your family again.

A real cultural experience all in all.

Zack Ferriday – University of California, Berkeley


4. Spontaneous cum-bustion

Blues Festival, Byron Bay, Australia. The absolute euphoric combination of perfect music, perfect weather, an optimistic outlook on life and some MDMA.

One of my best friends asked me to do a body roll, essentially a wave with my body, and to mine (and everybody else’s surprise) I spontaneously had an orgasm in my pants.

For the rest of what is easily the happiest day of my life, I went around shouting “IT WAS FLACCID MAN!“… Because it really was!



5. Australia’s bat shit crazy

You know how over here the bats are essentially flying rats, and that’s already pretty creepy enough?

Well picture the flying foxes of Australia, and then picture one coming to stretch its wings in your bedroom at 2 o’clock in the morning.

Cue 20 minutes of desperate whimpering under my bed until it decided to leave me in peace and flew out the window.

Morgane Brun – University of Sydney


6. Flying high in Germany

I was going through German airport security and I found a bag of Görlitzer Park’s finest greenery in my pocket. In a panic, while among German families on a weekend trip away, only one solution came to mind.

I swallowed the contents. The worst part was, I didn’t even feel anything.