LSE Men’s Rugby brand King’s ‘scum who enjoy homosexual humiliation’ in racist, sexist, homophobic diatribe

LSE Men’s Rugby club are under investigation after describing King’s students as “scum” who enjoy “homosexual humiliation” and “will all work for us one day” in a leaflet distributed at last week’s Freshers’ Fair.

Female sports players are described as “slags” and “beast-like women who only play sport just so they can come out with us on Wednesdays, and don’t let them tell you otherwise.”

While it is believed that all hard copies of the offending leaflet have now been destroyed, it engaged in not only homophobic and class-based prejudice, but also that of a sexist and racist nature.

Meanwhile, one member of the men’s team is described as having been “Last seen engaging in a Mandingo fight… after attacking fellow freshers with knives”.

A spokesperson from LSE told Roar this morning that the incident was being investigated as a matter of priority: “LSE and LSESU are united in valuing the School’s culture of diversity and tolerance; and we will stand firm to uphold the highest possible standards of openness and respect.

“Should the behaviour of any individuals or groups be found to have fallen short of those norms, or worse, to have put them in jeopardy, disciplinary action will be taken.”

Update: You can read LSESU Men’s Rugby Club’s statement here.

LSESU’s General Secretary Nona Buckley-Irvine told Roar: “To those who were offended by the leaflet we would like to give our assurances that action was taken on Friday and we are currently taking further action to deal with what is a distressing matter for many.”

Known among LSE students as ‘The Purple Warrior’, the leaflet was originally passed to LSE’s Feminist Society from a student who had intended on joining the Rugby Club but decided against it. The leaflet’s cover features a picture of a semi-exposed woman lying on a bed wearing an LSE Rugby Shirt, which cannot be republished for legal reasons.

Self-styling the team as “similar to Oxford’s infamous Bullingdon Club, but we don’t pay for the damage afterwards”, the flyer also revels in past exploits that have also included their 2005 social night ‘The Barrel’ which ended in £30,000 worth of damage to KCL property, and a Ski Tour which involved “spraying a dance floor of Poly’s with champagne borrowed after a nightclub raid” and “an unjustified handcuffing due to a female police officer taking a snowball to the face.”

Speaking to Roar, KCL Men’s Rugby captain Barney Lynock stated: “These are the words of a choppy bunch of blokes, desperately seeking recognition of their ‘lad’ status.”

“It’s quite something to document your offensive, homophobic and chauvinistic thoughts, but then to literally hand them out in flyer form is ever so impressive.”