Snore report: Student Council elections – it’s like life-changing circle time

Pissed off about how things work at the university? 

Hell yeah, omg, you know the–

Before you start ranting, why don’t you just stand for Student Council and get stuff changed yourself?

What’s Student Council? It sounds like a self-important talking shop full of 14 year olds who think they’re doing really important things when they’re actually not. LOL no way, that’s not for me.

Nah it’s not like that – students (i.e. you) elect the council so YOU are the ones who decide what it’s like. Whether that’s you standing or you voting for a decent candidate.

Right, so what sort of thing has Student Council done in the last year?

Increased disability provision, introduced kosher food into union outlets, affiliated the union to mental health services, protected survivors of sexual abuse through banning triggering music being played on union property, and loads more!

I still don’t want to stand.

No problem, just log on and vote any time between 10am on Mon 13 and Wed 15 October.

No wait, maybe I do want to stand.

Then nominate yourself before 5pm on Mon 6th October (this coming Monday). It only takes a second – just log in and click here.

Okay, but what can I even run for?

There are education positions, NUS delegates, student club reps, women’s officer, disabled students’ officer, environment officer and loads others. Check out the full list here.

Wait, so I’m not a woman, but can I run for women’s officer?

Not exactly, if you want to run for a Welfare and Community position, you need to identify with the group that position is designed to help (i.e. self-identifying Women’s Officer can only be run for by women, duh).

Okay right, I got it, hmmm. I’ll think about.

Go on, we dare you.


  1. anonymous

    6 October, 2014 at 11:47 pm

    What a load of absolute bullshit!

    As someone who’s served on council several times I can accurately state that it’s pure self indulgent drivel. Very few people run, and those that vote are generally just their friends meaning that it’s not in any way representative of the student body, and I’ve yet to see any genuine accomplishments.

    I’ve personally not seen any kosher food on campus despite there having been two successful motions over the past two years requesting it. Banning songs doesn’t legitimately accomplish anything, it just sets a dangerous precedent for censorship, and I’m curious to hear of any other “accomplishments” they claim to have.

    And how could you possibly claim that having designated positions for certain groups is fair?, there should be no womens officer without a mens officer (I am a woman saying this)!

    If the union had any sense it would disband the student council rather than leaving a non-representative group of radical lefties sitting in a lecture hall, masturbating their egos and trying to push their opinions on the student body!

    • Cameron

      9 October, 2014 at 1:31 am

      Are men a group in need of a platform? Should we have a White Officer and a Straight Officer too or are you talking out of your anonymous behind?

      • Anonymous

        12 October, 2014 at 7:06 pm

        Yes, men require as much of a platform as women, just as white people deserve a platform, as do straight people (LGBT denotes four different demographics each with different needs, therefore I don’t see why they should be clumped together). I specified men/women because there is no clear majority within that grouping. I don’t believe it to be democratic for there to be positions that aren’t open to the entire student body. An ideal situation would remove all of those positions (which were only put in place to increase registration) and replace them with generic positions. If there is a place on council that the whole student body is not able to vote on, it should be a non-voting role.

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