King’s staff and students protest over 57 Health Schools job cuts – the strike in pictures

Students outside the JCMB at Waterloo / KCLSU

KING’S staff went on strike yesterday over 57 job cuts in Health Schools. Students and academics marched through King’s campuses to protest against the cuts, which have received widespread criticism from both within the College and in the national press.

A royal visit to King’s from Princess Anne was cancelled after it clashed with yesterday’s industrial action. We’ve rounded up the best photos from the day with a few quotes from those who were there.

Students' union vice president Areeb Ullah / KCLSU

Aaaron McCall said: “The staff involved in these cuts expected that we wouldn’t fight, that we wouldn’t stand together united against this attack against our staff. They were wrong.”

Academics and supporters of the SoS campaign protest outside the Institute of Psychiatry

Philosophy graduate Shanice McBean said: “I thought it was incredible to see so many staff and students come out in protest, especially during the last term when there are exams. Markings and holidays!

She added: “Probably the best bit was the feeling this isn’t just a fight for 120 jobs, but for a vision of education that values community and learning above profits.”

Holding the right end of the banner: Jamie Sweeney, KCLSU's incoming VP for Welfare

Jamie Sweeney, KCLSU vice president for Welfare, said: “I was delighted to see over 200 staff, students and alumni turn out as a united community and show management that we won’t let these cuts happen.

“We’ve already seen the proposed number of cuts halve, and hopefully with more action we can see that number at 0 – where it should be.”

Left: IoP student Amy Gillespie / Credit: Fraser Anderson

Amy Gillespie, MSc student at the IoP, said: “The energy and enthusiasm of everyone there was wonderful, with many speakers talking about how this fight fits into a broader fight for universities to remain a place where learning and knowledge is top priority – and it’s not a fight we will be backing down from any time soon.”

Protesters arrive at Guy's campus in London Bridge / KCLSU

Many have criticised King’s, including Roar!, over the lack of transparency surrounding the cuts and the speed at which the College is conducting them. A petition against the cuts on these grounds has reached more than 5,000 signatures.

A protester holds a University and College Union strike sign

Formal letters of dismissal are expected to be issued on August 8.

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