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Q: There’s a guy in my seminar that I think is really cute and I want to get to know him more, but it’s pretty much impossible with everything that’s going on.

Matthew: What a convenient time for this question to appear. You have a week until Valentine’s Day, and a week is more than enough to make a romantic gesture towards him. You implied that you two barely know each other, but if anything, that’s the best context to be forward and bold in, as you can afford to shape-shift into whoever you want to be and adopt a veil of confidence. This is your chance to make a first impression. (That being said, it’s incredibly important to be yourself, too). Doing something this early on means you have nothing to lose.

Don’t be afraid to find his contact details via a Teams room (it’s essentially the equivalent to asking for his number in an in-person seminar). Us guys find it really endearing when girls go the extra mile to spark up conversation. Don’t be afraid to slide into his DMs; confidence is attractive, I assure you. Whilst lockdown limits the natural flourish of relationships, you will only have yourself to blame if you don’t at least try, so just give it a go! Virtual relationships have been proven to work over this past year, and there are many ways to have ‘online dates.’

My advice would be to act now, think later. You’ll get to know each other in due course, but first impressions are key. Before you know it, the world will return to normal, and having somebody ready to meet and party with will be essential.

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Matthew Seaman

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