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Q: I know I sound silly, but I have a crush on my best friend. I’m not sure how to tell them because I feel like it might ruin our friendship. 

Nikita: Having a crush on your best friend seems almost like a rite of passage to me — you’ve got to have experienced it (or something close enough) at least once in your life. And it’s natural, of course, you spend a lot of time together and most likely have a lot in common — attraction seems almost organic. But despite masquerading as the easiest type of relationship possible, this too comes with its downsides.

If these feelings go only one way, do you spend the next few months being awkward around each other? Or, if you find yourself one of the few whose feelings are equally reciprocated, do you go about in constant worry of potentially messing up your relationship, and most importantly, your friendship? Or do you, luckily enough, end up with the fairytale romance you’ve been envisioning in your head?

I’m afraid this is one of those situations which you simply cannot rationalise your way out of. My advice to you, in its usual fashion, will be moderately useful — do what feels right to you. As is the case in most such scenarios, the heart takes precedence over the head, but your gut feeling? Yeah, nothing can beat that.

Q: I’ve not been able to practise Spanish with anyone in my course because everyone prefers speaking English.

Matthew: That’s frustrating! Firstly, I assure you once the lockdown restrictions are eased, we won’t be limited to virtual socialising, and so you will be able to meet other King’s students who want to practice Spanish like you. There is a wealth of international speakers at King’s, and who’s to say they are necessarily on your course? We have thousands of people studying at the uni.

It has also been brought to my attention that the Modern Language’s Centre offers 1-1 language practice, so if it is less of a social thing and more you wanting to brush up before exams, I’d definitely recommend that. They run a booking service for virtual practice sessions, and I’ve linked the page here. Good luck!

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Matthew Seaman

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