Men’s Lacrosse (KCL)

The Men’s team this year will be looking to avenge the pain of last year’s varsity performance, taking the game to the wire at 7-8 before running out of steam toward the end. However, this year the side are ‘home soil’ at King’s Berrylands sports grounds, and have added to their chances with quality additions over the year. There have been good fresher additions, with some of the seniors playing for the University of London Union team, which include several Gower players as well. They’ll therefore know their opponents inside out, and are further prepared after having some unofficial fixtures in May to warm themselves up for the big event. They’ve got as good a chance this year as they’ve ever had.

Women’s Lacrosse (KCL)

It would be remiss of me if I were to bring up last year’s score in this event, so it makes sense to look forward to this series where there is renewed optimism for the women’s team. Due to a good contingent of fresher additions and a weakened Gower side on last year, going off various unofficial fixtures over the past month, dare it be said that this year’s lacrosse event for the women could be a toss up. Be sure to follow their coverage on Instagram, and, hopefully, inspired by a men’s win just before them, they can upset the odds and make it 2 points from 2 for Strand.

Women’s Rugby (KCL)

After bringing home one of King’s’ most emphatic victories of last year’s series, a 31-10 victory over the Gower scum, the true Rugby team in London will be looking to retain their crown. With them doing 3 training sessions a week since the March relaxation of Covid restrictions, the Lions will be in tip-top condition for a match-up that they’ve been anticipating all year. New Captain Cecile Bigot, a Second Row, will lead the charge from the scrum, with quality littered throughout the backs to be able to pierce through an often sluggish UCL defence. Another W here please.

Men’s Rugby (KCL)

After an almost 15-month long break since last years’ impressive varsity victory against UCL’s medics team KCLRFC is back to face the old enemy in UCLRFC. Usually, the biggest fixture on the KCLRFC calendar in recent years UCL has been unable to field a team due to a suspension by the UCL student union, that has now all changed and the powers that be have allowed UCLRFC to reform just in time for the boys at King’s to show them how to play rugby.

After an impressive showing in the second half of the season last year, from the 1st XV beating GKT twice in the league and UCL medics in varsity, as well as the 2nd XV only narrowly missing out on promotion, the future of KCLRFC looked bright. The year started well with a strong new group of freshers joining the side and the senior boys ready for another big run in the league, Guy’s cup and the all-important varsity fixture. Unfortunately though, like so much else, this season has been curtailed with the boys unable to train and play, but with the help of a new coach and the leadership of captain Jono Slee the boys will be ready to defeat UCL once again.

Jono Slee had this to say before the game “After too long away from the game, the boys have come back strong to training. A strong core of experienced players knowing each other’s game inside out, coupled with some tantalising new talents, is very exciting and gives us confidence going into the game.”


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