In a February 26 email from Lord Christopher Geidt, Chairman of King’s College London, final year students were informed that 2020/21 graduation events will be postponed. 

The e-mail cited “ongoing restrictions and uncertainty around travel restrictions” as the main reasons for the postponement. However, students have been assured that issued degrees will not be affected in any way.

The administration is exploring virtual ways to celebrate the occasion and assures that they remain “fully committed to inviting [students] to celebratory events”. Students will receive their certificates three months after the date of their award.

The e-mail received by students.

Alanna, a final-year History student, expressed her disappointment at the news, telling Roar: “England is going to host the Euros, but a couple hundred history students can’t graduate?” Arran, a fellow History student, expressed similar views: “If the Reading and Leeds festivals can go ahead, so can graduation”.

Another final-year student, Nash, welcomes the postponement: “At this point, I don’t want to be near any senior leadership senile slugs, thanking them for giving me a piece of paper and pretending it’s all good. They haven’t given any heed to our wellbeing (the dissertation deadline was being held by them while the Department wanted to go ahead with it). They just concern themselves with keeping their nice 6 figure salaries and scamming more students.

“If I want to celebrate my hard work, I’ll get with my mates and have a lovely time and we’ll organise it ourselves. I don’t need the affirmation of some old white dude/lady who will probably pronounce my name wrong anyway, because they didn’t care to check the list before”.

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