The KCLSU Spring Elections have come to an end after two weeks of virtual-only campaigning, for the first time, due to Covid restrictions.

Following an initial delay announced by the KCLSU Facebook page, results were announced roughly 90 minutes after the initially announced time.

The students have chosen the following candidates to run the Student Union (SU) for the upcoming year (2021-22):

President: Zahra Syed
Vice President Activities & Development: Arslan Zafar
Vice President Education (Arts and Sciences): Hamza Lone
Vice President Education (Health): Fatimah Patel
Vice President Postgraduate: Heena Ramchandani
Vice President Welfare and Community: Daniyal Ubaidullah

This year 3,233 students voted in the KCLSU elections according to SU sources. The race for the President was close – with only 82 votes separating Syed and Jacques. All the other candidates won by a landslide.

Good luck to all the newly elected candidates!

Roar has contacted the winners for comments.

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