KCLSU launches new Committee for Wellbeing

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The KCLSU has created a new committee for wellbeing in accordance with the launch of Student Minds’ University Mental Health Charter. The Wellbeing Union Development Committee (UDC), following on from a forum created last year, has been created with a focus on improving overall wellbeing in the KCL Community.

The UDC is student-led and members of the Wellbeing UDC are representing several student initiatives and societies at KCL. These include Positive Peers, ThinkMental, Student Wellbeing Leaders, Sports teams, ASEAN and post-graduate representatives.

Members of the UDC are also collaborating with the student union and members of the KCL Faculty on a variety of workstreams to work on the newly created University Mental Health Charter. These streams identify elements of the University Mental Health Charter which include Work, Support, Learn and Live; representing areas such as learning support, accommodation and staff. It is hoped that the creation of this development committee will be a great step forward for improving overall welfare at King’s.

Roar spoke to Sophie Churchill, the Chair of the Wellbeing UDC, who said: “I’m really excited to be working with such an amazing and talented group of people to hopefully implement positive change to student wellbeing throughout the year.”

Read the Student Minds’ University Mental Health Charter here.

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