On Wednesday December 2nd, the UK saw the end to its one-month long lockdown that prohibited any and all mixing with other social bubbles, including the mandatory shut down of non-essential shops and practices in a nationwide effort to curb the contagion rate. Now, back into Tier-2, London can now go back to doing many of their favourite activities, but which ones are permitted?

Never have Londoners woken up to a better Wednesday than December 2nd as it marked the end of a lockdown that saw the public divided as to whether it might have been more bearable (or miserable) than the first one before summer. The November lockdown prohibited any type of social mixing indoor or outdoors, with only essential shops and delivery services permitted to run.

The socioeconomic situation in the UK seems to face yet another uphill battle, as the worldwide debate on the efficiency of lockdowns continues and the Johnson ticket struggles to keep the UK together. With businesses crying out for help, school meals being denied and education undergoing a rough patch with exam season creeping up and University students pushing for in-person classes, the cyclone seems to be nearing impact with 10 Downing Street. The only big question which remains is whether the revived three-tier system now in place after the lockdown is a sensible tactic: is it to lower people’s pitchforks, and not let some heads roll, or is it due to the population’s good work in keeping contagion low and testing high?

London’s excellent lockdown behaviour seems to have impressed many, as adults and children alike tended to their homes instead of the streets to avoid contact and testing continues to grow in an attempt to circumscribe Covid-positives.

Now, with lockdown over and the three-tier system back in place, there are a number of things that Londoners can go back to doing given the city’s Tier 2 status, as such:

  • Meeting up to six people outside, e.g. at the park or in a pub garden.
  • Mixing with your social bubble or support system.
  • Attending entertainment venues like cinemas and pubs ( the latter on the condition of having ordered a “substantial meal”) with last calls at 10pm and subsequent closure at 11pm.
  • The pleasures of deep-night take aways is still welcomed and permitted.
  • Attending sport matches in stadiums in line with Covid restriction and venue capacity.
  • Holding ceremonies as long as Covid restrictions are upheld.
  • Visit places of worship not on the intention of mixing with other households.
  • Going to gyms and swimming pools.
  • Getting your hair or other beauty treatments done.
  • Shopping our way to Christmas day in non-essential shops.

It’s certainly a relief to be able to get back to doing some of the things we love like spending our allowances on unnecessary clothing or drinking a “cuppa” with friends. Nevertheless, as ideas start brewing in our minds for the upcoming New Year’s celebrations, the government reminds people that both indoor and outdoor celebrations are yet to be confirmed in the run-up to next two weeks before the 31st of December, during which reducing the number of Coronavirus cases is going to be crucial in allowing students and families to celebrate like they once did.

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