King’s Sexual Harassment Survey Reveals Sports Teams Involved

King’s Sexual Harassment Survey Reveals Sports Teams Involved

Results from a sexual harassment survey conducted by The King’s Tab have been published today. 30% of people surveyed reported receiving unwanted sexual attention from members of the King’s community.

According to respondents, several KCL sports teams have been involved in sexual misconduct. Football, hockey, and rugby team members are all mentioned on several occasions as having taken part.

Shockingly, 88% percent of students asked were unaware of how to report sexual harassment at King’s. On top of this, half of those have reported harassment were unsatisfied with how it was handled.

The survey is anonymous, and no names have been given for the alleged aggressors at this time.

After looking further into the issue, we found multiple sources that validated the survey responses.

One student claims that she was sexually assaulted in a park and left there unconscious by a member of the King’s community– she does not wish to make any further comments at this stage.

Another student tells us a KCL football player repeatedly harassed her on nights out in the student bar even after she asked him to stop.

Last year The UCL rugby team was de-ratified as a result of similar complaints indicating that instances of misconduct could be a part of a more endemic issue.

All sports teams mentioned in the article have said that they are taking the allegations against their members seriously

At King’s, sexual misconduct is considered a disciplinary offense – sanctions for this behavior can include expulsion, suspension, revoking student status.

Sara Forgaciu

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