Last Saturday, the KCL Amateur Boxing Cub successfully completed a momentous ‘box-a-thon’ from 11 to 11, all in aid of the Stephen Lawrence Charitable trust as well as the Yemen Crisis Appeal.

The day started with 3 and half hours on an introduction to boxing fundamentals and the first of the ‘Main Boxing training’ sessions, lasting for 2 hours, and was followed by a much needed 30 minute cooldown of stretching activities with all the techniques and tips. During the early evening, they moved onto perhaps some of the most enticing sessions by discussing and teaching the techniques of Boxing icons Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather, including the ‘Peek-a-boo’ technique of the former, whereby, like in the baby’s game of the same name, the two clenched hands covering the face are thought to offer extra protection to one’s own face whilst providing a more comfortable base to jab at your opponent. The Mayweather session had the most views out of any of their sessions. These two lessons sandwiched a workout on boxer abs and another lesson on intermediate boxing combinations, which, according to head of the Society, Petr Borodavkin, had an absolutely unreal turnout, and, as Roar writer Akshat Chandel says, greatly improved technique but most importantly stamina after a long sedentary period for all of us during lockdown.

However, the zenith of the 12 hour session certainly came toward the end, where not only did the general sessions advance to a higher level with advanced boxing combinations and an arms and shoulders workout (one of the more challenging of the day), but the penultimate boxing session before the Q&A showed techniques of none other than The Greatest, Muhammad Ali, and Petr was full of praise for Samir, who led the session.

However, the premium boxing lessons on show weren’t even the greatest achievement of the day, and that wholeheartedly went to the monumental effort regrading donations. In the words of Petr, “We set a goal of 1000 pounds for both charities combined, and at first thought that it was too ambitious, but the people who supported us during the box-a-thon managed to prove us wrong and we now stand at £456 donated for the Stephen Lawrence Trust and £494 on the Yemen Appeal page, so with donations still coming through we’re really hoping to reach our goal in the coming days”. So, be sure to donate if you haven’t already to boost to their already colossal total- here for the Stephen Lawrence Trust and here for the Yemen Appeal.

All in all, the box-a-thon was a resounding success, providing not just great lessons and tips but providing for two brilliant causes. Follow the Boxing society here to catch up in more depth. We hope you do more events such as these in the future.

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