Advents: A Band You Don’t Want to Miss this Lockdown


Advents, an indie band, has become the talk amongst young people today. Based in Malaysia, the group consists of Izaaq Izham – a first year Computer Science student and jazz member at King’s – Eimann Ariff, Shawin Albert, and Nadree Omar.


Advents was officially formed in 2017, its members not having met before their very first practice. Prior to this, Eimann and Shawin performed as a duo, and were actively searching for new members. Through mutual friends, they were able to recruit Izaaq and Nadree. Having watched them before, there is a clear chemistry that surrounds them, as they complement each other, both musically and personality-wise. Their first song, ‘Television Dreams’, was first created during their first session, and it is now known as their signature song.


The band’s main influence is an 80s alternative pop/rock sound; however, they switch between genres often, showing off their versatility and flexibility, setting them apart from other indie groups. For example, the Motown genre inspired ‘Bad Sense of Time’, as opposed to ‘Slow Dance,’ which leans more towards 80s pop rock. They have since displayed this quality in their latest EP, entitled Clueless and Immature, comprising six tracks, further highlighting their creativity.

Eimann, Nadree, Izaaq and Shawin

One way in which the band expands is the frequent interaction with their fans on social media, allowing their follower count to increase as well. Currently, several media outlets are reaching out to them and reviewing their music, contributing to their growing popularity. Through this, they hope to be able to attract the music industry’s attention and proceed from there.


One of the biggest challenges faced by the band for a long time was distance. Even in Malaysia it was difficult for them to arrange meetings, as they lived far from each other. Before they were able to drive, Eimann, Shawin and Nadree had to commute to Izaaq’s house weekly, as he was the only one who had proper recording equipment. This became even harder when Izaaq continued his studies in London, which meant that the group had to hire a temporary drummer for their gigs.

Another obstacle they’re now facing is the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, which has reduced their meetings to online sessions. As a result, they feel that their creativity has not reached its potential, as they work best when with each other. Nonetheless, this will not stop them from releasing a new EP on 28 April, demonstrating their strong will and dedication to continue.


Despite these issues, their future remains bright. In the short term, they are looking to release more music videos and merchandise, as well as a launch party gig. In the long term, they want to make their music more accessible by establishing a fan base and perform at music festivals, which could help ease their way into the music industry.

You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and Soundcloud.

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