KCL DJ Society launches PL.FM


KCL DJ Society is back with a new event, having set their sights once again on Corsica studios. Previously labelled Platforms, the society has transformed the popular Tuesday event with a new label: PL.FM. In the rebrand, Roar asked about the focus on important social issues such as Climate Change. DJ Society’s Podcast and Production lead, Rob Ekbery, tells Roar of the renewed interest in donating to charitable causes that are ‘affecting our generation’.

Artwork credits: Will Cooper https://www.instagram.com/willcooper_design/

PL.FM will host KCL’s DJs and local artists to showcase their work whilst raising 20% of proceeds to 350, an international movement focused on replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy.

The night has been rebranded to transcend through music genres and exceed all expectations of a typical student night out. Set in two rooms, the host of disco, house and jazz will be in room 1, whilst room 2 will be catering to those of the techno, electro and drum n bass persuasion.

Entry before 11 tickets have sold out on RA Guide, so be sure to pick up tickets for £3!


Rachel Brooker

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