More Nap Pods Join the Crew


In late October King’s installed four more nap pods with Strand being the lucky campus this time. Shaurya Vig, Vice President for Activities and Development 2018/19, hopes that students at Guy’s campus and Denmark Hill will be able to enjoy those close at hand by the end of the academic year.

Following a great success after the installment of the initial two nap pods at Waterloo, KCLSU went on with the development of the project. After KCL became the first London university to install nap pods on campus last May, four more machines ‘joined the crew’. Two of the nap pods are available at The Meadow in Bush House (SE). Positioned in one of the quiet corners, those are the perfect relief during a stressful day or a good break after climbing eight floors of steps in case the lifts were full.

Nap pods at The Meadow, Bush House (SE), 8th floor

Having a lecture in Strand and feeling too lazy to cross the road to Bush House? Do not worry because King’s has your back, as two more pods were installed at Chapters. You can find those on the second floor of the canteen in King’s building. Just look in between the yellow chairs in the corner. 

Nap pods at Chapters, 2nd floor of the canteen in King’s building

“Those 20 minutes break are exactly what a student needs after spending so much time studying. I feel way more relaxed and a kind of energized,” a KCL student shared after using one of the nap pods. Although some people appeared to be a bit skeptical at first, it seems the majority who have used the machines find them helpful and extremely enjoyable. Shaurya Vig shares that he has received some really positive feedback:

“Students are loving it. They also realize the effect that napping has during stressful times. The only negative feedback we have received was there were long waiting times for the pods as there were just two before and were very popular. We have solved it by installing them at Strand and Bush House. We are currently looking for suitable places at Guy’s campus and Denmark Hill. My hopes are high that they will be installed there this academic year.”

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