Loose Your Feet with KCL Musical ‘Footloose’



With many deadlines now over, King’s College’s MSA Musical Theatre (MMT) decided to entertain us with their performance of the musical Footloose to celebrate.

MMT performed the musical in three consecutive nights on January 30, 31 and February 1 in Greenwood Theatre.

The musical, a remake of Craig Bewer’s film, tells the story of Ren McCormack. The boy loves dancing, but ends up studying in a town where dancing is prohibited because of a dance related tragedy that continues to haunt the town. The first act builds up the tension between Ren and the town’s mayor, who is also the father of Ren’s dream girl Ariel. However, as the second act progresses, Ren finds a way to reach to the mayor’s heart. The law prohibiting dancing is lifted, and the whole musical ends with a joyful and playful performance of Footloose.

MMT turned the musical into more than a simple theatrical event. The scene was not big enough for the performers, so they frequently went around running in between the audience. Everyone danced and sang along. The grand finale further involved the use of some flames and confetti, a perfect addition to the strong performance of the well-known Bonnie Tyler’s song Hero.

One of the songs went as: “School property. Not supposed to have any fun.” Well, KCL’s MMT proved that wrong!

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