Hillary Rodham Clinton to come to King’s


Former US Secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, is due to come to King’s College London on November 13. Clinton will be joining Julia Gillard, Australia’s first and only female prime minister, in conversation to launch an upcoming event series hosted by the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership (GIWL).

The event, the first in the World Questions series by GIWL, will involve a discussion about Clinton’s “experience as a female leader and what needs to change so that more women can follow in her footsteps,” said Gillard, who also chairs the Institute. World Questions: Hillary Rodham Clinton will be co-hosted by GIWL and the Policy Institute and supported by new research into the factors affecting gender (in)equality.

Gillard said: “For decades Secretary Clinton has been a pioneer for women’s rights and the fight for equality. She has inspired girls and women across the world to never doubt that they are valuable and powerful, and deserving of every opportunity and chance.”

News of Clinton’s visit comes not long after Her Majesty the Queen’s much anticipated and subsequently controversial visit to King’s earlier this year during which students with a certain profile were denied access to King’s buildings. A selection of King’s societies and students were identified as being at risk of causing disruption during the Queen’s visit, hence their prevention from entering the building.

Students are unlikely to be able to attend the GIWL event with Hillary Clinton, though the discussion will be live streamed on King’s College’s YouTube channel. It has not been made clear whether this is due to security considerations.

GIWL was launched last year, and aims to strengthen research, engagement and practice in order to better understand women’s underrepresentation in leadership positions. They have since launched a podcast and hosted a series of events.

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