Dinosaur Sends Off Runners at the Great King’s Run 2019


This Sunday, hundreds of King’s students and staff gathered around the Great Hall on Strand Campus for the annual Great King’s Run.

For the fourth year in a row, King’s Sport and King’s Raising and Giving community (RAG) – two of King’s biggest communities, combined forces to raise money*. Sunday’s causes included the Single Homeless Project, Guy’s and St Thomas’, and Penguins Against Cancer.

Participants purchased their tickets prior to the event, donating £8 each towards this year’s campaign. On Sunday morning they started gathering as early as 9 am. Free bottles of water and bright red T-shirts saying “Great King’s Run” were given. In addition, participants had their own unique “running number” which they could put on their T-shirts.

As 10 am approached, a very ‘sportsy’ dinosaur T-Rex demonstrated flexibility and running skills in the hall before sending the participants off to the windy adventure outside.

Starting off with a brief warm up led by one of the organizers, participants were separated in three groups: the 5k run, 10k run, or 5k color run. The most passionate runners departed first, followed by those running 5km.

Those who wanted to get messy had to wait a while before receiving boxes full of colorful dust. No one started running before making sure they were all covered in paint. Then, accompanied by music, participants enjoyed the views on Thames as the route (regardless of the category) went from Strand through London Bridge and Borough Market, and back to Somerset House through Waterloo Bridge.








Students who were part of the societies that organised the event were evenly distributed around the track guiding people and cheering them up. People with first aid kits also ran alongside in case of a bad scenario.

Once finished and all sweaty, everyone was relieved to see a giveaway of protein bars awaiting them behind the finish line.

RAG shared a total of £1370 was raised thanks to everyone who came despite the bad weather. And for those with more competitive spirit, here are the results:

Fastest 10k: 52.40

Fastest 5k: 24.56

Fastest 5k-color: 22.15

All participants can check their personal time on the Excel Table, sent by King’s Sport. Photos are provided too, so you’d better check your emails!

Look up for next year’s event as it will be an anniversary. Things are going to be lit!

*King’s Athletics, also a keen organizer of the event, did not participate this year, but is sure to join next time.

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