Breakout King’s: KCL Jailbreak 2019


This April, Enactus KCL has summoned all adventurous souls to test their creativity, bravery and limits during this year’s KCL Jailbreak!

This is the first time Enactus KCL has held such an event, with RAG society being the more frequent host. The rules are simple: you have 36 hours to get as far as possible from our beloved jail (King’s College). You can use any means of transportation, including walking, cars, buses, even aeroplanes. As Enactus KCL stated: “The sky is no limit!”

There is a catch though. You cannot use your own money aside from those you manage to raise during those same 36 hours. Members of Enactus KCL have given Roar some advice on how to raise the moolah:

  • Ask around for money
  • Sell self-made cupcakes
  • Look into different travel companies for offers of free tickets (you heard that right!)
  • Ask for any last minute spare places on low price flights
  • Ask people if they were willing to give you their tickets for free (yes, this has happened!)

“The national record so far for a university-ran jailbreak event is set by students who managed to make it to Sydney, Australia”, a feat that was achieved after they received free tickets from an airline company.


The process

Participants compete against each other in teams of at least two people in the hope to come top in the following four categories:

  • Travel the furthest
  • Raised the most money
  • Best photo or video
  • Best fancy dress

The event starts at 8am on April 6 at Bush House and will end at 8pm on April 7. Participants will be introduced to an SMS tracking system which will help the organisers to track their location. Competitors will send an SMS every four hours in order to be tracked. For safety reasons all teams should share their “journey plan” prior to the event, including their route and their final destination. Members of Enactus KCL advise the participants to do careful calculations and to bear in mind that some locations might require visas.  

Preparations also include registering for the Enactus Fundraising Campaign. Every participant should raise at least £80 before April 6 in order to join KCL Jailbreak. The online forms will be released soon on the Facebook page of the event. There is also a £10 entrance fee used to cover the expenses on the tracking system.

Everyone above 18 can participate, so if you feel brave enough and have crazy friends by your side, be sure to check out the event!

*Organisers would like to make clear that using private jets/boats is not an option!

*Another jailbreak event may be held by RAG later on this year.

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