Several people have been injured in a stabbing incident at London Bridge earlier today. The police are responding to the incident “as though it is terror-related.”

The area around London Bridge has been cordoned off, with at least seven police cars standing at Borough High Street. Borough Market and London Bridge station have been evacuated. Civilians have been told to find alternative means of transport, with no buses, trains or tubes functioning in the area.

Multiple police cars present at the scene


To Roar, the police said: “We can’t really comment on what’s going on right now. It’s an ongoing situation.”

A witness, who prefers to stay anonymous, said that he saw nearly seven people injured and being removed from the scene from his office overlooking the bridge. He said: “Following the attack, I saw police moving into the Borough Market area and heard gunshots.”

According to Sky News, one person was killed during the incident. It is yet to be known whether any King’s students were adversely affected.

Civilians in the area are in a state of panic and distress. A witness, Sara Yusuf, said: “My friend is in her office near the bridge. I can’t reach her and I’ve just heard rumours about a bomb scare at Oxford Circus. I can’t believe this is happening.”

Civilians running from the affected area


Sneha Tandon, who was in the area, said: “Police are trying to get everyone out as soon as possible. They didn’t exactly tell us what was going on, and we were imagining all sorts of things based on the gunshots. It was horrible.”

Police evacuating civilians from Borough High Street, which has been cordoned off


In a statement, the London Ambulance Service said: “We have now declared a major incident and have a number of crews at the scene in London Bridge.”

In response to the incident, King’s has temporarily placed Guy’s campus on lockdown. According to Kat Novogrudsky, a second-year student at King’s, “They’ve increased security. Certain doors are closed off and security aren’t letting people in easily. Most of us just want to get home.”

Students have been left shocked due to the proximity of the attack to university buildings. A third-year student, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “I’m really lucky, because I went for lunch earlier than usual today. I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t. Guy’s campus is in the London Bridge area, and that’s what makes this really scary. It’s similar to what happened in 2017.” Echoing similar sentiments, Maryam Naheed, a sixth-year medic, said: “I just walked on the bridge ten minutes before the shooting.”

King’s has advised people not to travel to the affected area.

King’s College London’s tweet advising students to avoid the area


If you are a student at or around the area, Roar News echoes the Met Police’s recommendation to stay clear and follow police orders. Please contact us with any tips or pictures you may have on the matter.

UPDATE: Students from Guy’s campus are now allowed to leave the building and have been told to follow the side lanes to Borough station.



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