Student Union Elections Coming Up


A wave of elections for student union positions is on the way. 362 posts are up for election. Of particular interest to most students are the academic reps, one of whom represents each year of students in a certain course. Other posts include student trustees, hall leaders and NUS conference delegates – among others.

Nominations are already open and will close at 10:00 on Monday 8th October. You can nominate someone using this form, on the student union website. If you want to nominate yourself, look here.

The polls will open at 10:00 on the 15th of October, a week after nominations are finalised. This is to allow time for campaigning and voter interaction. As these elections typically have low voter turn-out, everyone who does show up is important.

Roar will keep a close eye on the elections, and the candidates running, as events proceed.

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