A Seven-Course Meal from London Farmers Market at Guy’s


If you study at Guy’s you might have noticed the little stalls that pop up at the quad once a week, the ones that carry aromas from heaven. Well, it’s the London Farmers Market.

Guy’s quad revamped

Started almost 20 years ago, the concept of the Farmers Market came from a ‘eat what you grow and milk what you rear’ attitude. To increase farm income, the growers sell their produce to urban communities. The one at Guy’s has several pop-ups on different days all over London.

But Tuesday is the day when students here have been granted freedom from meal prep. Sorry Strand and Waterloo.

The London Farmers Market at Guy’s has twelve stalls serving meals from all over the globe. The ingredients used are fresh and organic, and preparations are made at the live counters. The menus are rich, diverse and you can cherry-pick between sweets and savouries, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So Kings’ students, kill those hunger pangs with fresh, hot lunch from your favourite cuisine.

Cakehole has been voted this year’s customer’s favourite stall

The Farmers Market bridges the gap between consumers, growers, farmers, fishermen and bakers. They have something to offer for everyone- be it the vegans, veggies, non-veggies or anything in between. Savour your favourite Greek Moussaka at ‘I love Moussaka’. Or dive into a margarita pizza at ‘Pizza Maria’ while encouraging sustainable food production methods.

If you’re an international student from India like me, you’re guaranteed to miss home when you have the chicken tikka and samosas straight from a Delhi Punjabi mum’s hands at the Indian Street Food counter. The most loved and pocket-friendly meal seemed to be the now global dish- biryani.

Indian Street Food

The stall with the longest queue is the Italian Pasta-e-Basta. Fabrizio serves pasta tossed in different varieties of pesto, tomato, cheese pasta sauces.  The Bow Belly is a new addition to the Market that caters to the ‘Gluten Free, Wheaty, Meaty & Vegan’. For the true food connoisseurs, there are also stalls selling a variety of handmade cheese and bread.

With the array of sausages and pies at Parsons Nose and burgers and sandwiches at Picks Organic Farm, I’d say do the whole seven-course meal.

Also, did someone say paella?

London Farmer’s Markets have locations all over London. Click here to find out where you can go to hunt them down, even if you aren’t a Guy’s student!

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