GDS Greets Students with Dirty Kitchens

Photo credits: Tara Sahgal

This year, King’s Great Dover Street Apartments (GDSA) welcomed students with crammed kitchens, mouldy fridges and dysfunctional appliances.

Students living in this residence have had endless problems, ranging from broken heaters and hobs to screeching showers. However, the most pressing issue is the state of many of the kitchens.

Although the residence was supposed to be cleaned before people moved in, this did not happen. Consequently, multiple students spent Welcome Week clearing out their kitchens, which housed rotten chicken, dirty dishes and bottles of spilt oil, to name a few.

Photo credits: Tara Sahgal

Some first-year students say that they “could not even set foot inside the kitchen” and that the situation was “unbelievable, considering how much we pay”.

The College has responded to all the complaints and claims to fix the issues soon.

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