The King’s Record Welcome Gig: A Review


On Friday 13th October ‘The King’s Record’ held their first event of the year at Guy’s Bar in Southwark.

The King’s Record is a society set up for students who are interested in any area of the music industry. They aim to promote musical talent at King’s by holding open mic nights as well as organising practise sessions and finding spaces for live performances. They are also aiming to be able to organise studio time for aspiring King’s recording artists.

The event started a little later than planned due to a few technical difficulties, but once these were resolved the evening began with determined enthusiasm. After a brief welcome, the first act of the evening took to the stage.

It was Will Bradbury and Tom Basford who kicked off the evening, with a mellow cover of Mac Demarco’s ‘My Old Man’ which created a cool and calm atmosphere. The easy-going set continued with Basford on acoustic guitar, and then, impressively, the saxophone. Closing off their mellow set was an original, yet to be titled track, followed by a moody Tom Waits cover.

After a brief interlude, Calico Jack took to the stage with gusto and soon won the crowds attention with a lively rendition of P!nk’s ‘So What’. The energy of the band was infectious and they soon had people dancing along to a highly amusing medley of Taylor Swift tracks. The pop covers were interspersed with original tracks such as ‘London Choir’ and ‘A Pirate’s Life’ as well as entertaining, Jonathan Richman-esque monologues from lead singer and bassist, Will Lord.

It was heartening to see the event so well attended, with an audience that responded so positively to the acts.

Whether you’re looking to see some great live music performed by follow King’s students or a budding musician looking to perform, watch out for more King’s Record events in the coming months.

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