UCL beat King’s 6 to 4 after a fierce competition between the London rivals in Varsity rowing match. 

The title of Varsity champion was decided on the last race of the day after an incredibly close rowing contest on 15th March.

Timing is crew-cial to rowing success…

The final race began like every other. The deafening shouts of UCL’s overly enthusiastic supporters could be heard as the crowd leant over Chiswick Bridge. With our gaze fixed towards the harsh sunlight, one could make out two deceptively small looking boats floating gently on the Thames. Besides, who gives a damn about 20/20 vision?

With the sound of a horn, the boats took off with incredible speed, inching forward as someone from the crowd let out an astonished cry: “Oh my gosh, they’re going to crash!”

The crowd surged forward to see what was happening. Indeed, the oars between the two rival boats appeared dangerously close to clashing. However, crisis was averted as the skilled rowers swiftly veered away from collision.

Despite the efforts of the KCL team, the UCL Senior Men’s team secured an early lead, ultimately winning the race by frustratingly close 1/4 of a length.

We’re all in the same boat – KCL team shows camaraderie despite loss

However, the spirits of the KCL Boat Club were far from dampened once Varsity came to a close. Sophie Van Son, a Global Health and Social Medicine student summarised, “It’s also always really fun when you cheer each other on, even when you lose or when you win, you cheer the other team on and it’s always such a great show of sportsmanship!”

Despite their loss this year, there is no doubt that the determined KCL crew will be back. Although, inevitably, there will be some pretty ‘rigger-ous’ training taking place in order to clinch the Varsity Title in 2018.

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