Black History Month continues to thrive at KCL


This October, Black History Month (BHM) takes place across Britain. 

Black History Month was first established 30 years ago in the UK and both celebrates and raises awareness of the 500+ years of black history which is indelibly and entirely intertwined with British multi-cultural history. Black History Month hopes to inspire, educate and bring together diverse communities, and King’s College London hosts a variety of events throughout the month for students and staff.

This year, KCLSU have made the decision to celebrate African and Caribbean histories in particular. They have been working closely with ACS (African and Caribbean Society) at King’s to offer engaging and wide-ranging events. These include the Black History Month Discussion 1 + 2, as well as Soul Night which took place earlier this month.

Roar News spoke to ACS president James Frater who gave his opinion on why BHM is so important in a university setting: “It shines a positive light on Black History that we need… it shows the struggle of our past and how to overcome it, and it shows the vast array and beauty of our cultures and were we come from.”

Black History Month is for all, and many of the events being held over October promote the idea that BHM is a “learning opportunity for everyone.” All events intend to provide a safe space for all to get involved.

October is not over just yet – so make sure you don’t miss out on Black History Month,. Check out the events that are happening around campus here and here.

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