Activist dragged out of SU lobby – while offering salad to security chief

CHALKED WALLS... All clean now

Climate Emergency activist and PhD researcher was forcibly removed from the Student Union lobby Tuesday afternoon.

He offered salad from his organic farm to the head of security.

At 12:30pm Roger Hallam attempted to enter the Student Union’s lobby, and security staff requested that he “leave the building now”.

The College security staff hauled Roger out of the union lobby after a few minutes, as calmly and non-violently as they could.

On a funnier note, Roger offered salad from his organic farm to the head of security staff. A gift for redemption, or perhaps just a generous wink: you decide.

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NEGOTIATION PHASE… security talking to Roger

Roger is banned from entering the College as part of his bail conditions after he was arrested last week for spray-painting the Strand foyer.

King’s Climate Change Emergency (KCCE) is shocked to see on of its own banned from ever entering the College again.

The student organisation launched a petition on Facebook last Friday to “Remove Suspension from King’s College Climate Emergency Activist.” Over 280 supporters signed the petition.

KCCE also contacted revered alumni Desmond Tutu in support of the petition. Tutu is known for intervening in the university’s refusal to divest from fossil fuels. Since his intervention, the College has diverted some of its investments from tar sands and thermal coal, into clean energy.

Some of Roger’s supervisors at his department (Culture, Media & Creative industries) are also outraged, and are going to send a letter to the College denouncing his ban.

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CHALKED WALLS… All clean now

Chalk-able talk

KCCE affirms that the chalk they used at the main hall last Thursday “causes no damage to stonework.” They added that they “respect the history of the university, and would never permanently damage its walls.”

However, the College denies that no damage was done. According to a King’s College London spokesperson, “Work to repair the damage on surfaces including Portland stone – a porous limestone – will cost tens of thousands of pounds.”

“It is a Grade 1 listed building and we have had to consult specialists about how best to remove the graffiti without causing further damage to the 200-year old stone-work.”

The spokesperson added that “We welcome constructive engagement between students and staff.”

An email was also sent to students last Friday on the issue and on sustainability as a whole.

Chris Mottershead, King’s Senior Vice President, indicated that the council has made decisions to ameliorate the College’s footprint and its responsibility in climate change. He affirms that the College will make a “clear commitment to sustainability as part of King’s Strategic Vision 2029”.


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