‘Thoughts Around Me’ – Anonymous Messaging App Launched at King’s


‘Thoughts Around Me’ is an anonymous messaging app that was recently launched at King’s. The app enables users to start anonymous conversations with other people who are also on their university campus, as well as read and contribute to trending discussions globally.

Kassem Younis, CEO of Thoughts Around Me, said that “some of the discussions I’ve seen on Thoughts Around Me include the best way to chat someone up and who are the best lecturers on campus.” There are serious discussions taking place too. Our users, for example, find Thoughts Around Me a safe space to ask difficult questions about their sexuality and identity’.


Uniquely, Thoughts Around Me does not collect any identifying information about its users, and users do not have to sign up for the service via a screen name, email address, or through another social network account like Facebook or Twitter.

“People love to talk anonymously,” Kassem says, adding – “it means they don’t have to worry about what others will think about them. Thoughts Around Me enables people to share whatever they have on their minds, whenever.”

In an age dominated by safe spaces and concerns over identity, the anonymity standard of Thoughts Around Me proves to be a therapeutic outlet for people to speak freely and openly about their experiences and to voice concerns.

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