Nursing Students Walk Out of Lectures in Protest Against Cuts to NHS Bursaries

Photo taken by Bursary or Bust

Hundreds of nursing students walked out of their placements and lectures in opposition to Jeremy Hunt’s plans to cut the NHS Bursary.

The NHS bursary is given to students from low-income families and helps with living costs. It will be replaced by loans if Jeremy Hunt’s plans go ahead.

Nurses walkout of lectures in St Mary's Hospital

Today’s day of action coincided with the second Junior Doctors contract strikes that took place across the country.

Junior doctors were joined by medical students who were protesting against Tory plans to make the NHS 24/7.

J.K. Rowling supports the junior doctors

The Junior Doctors and the students joined together on the picket lines, showing solidarity with each other in their criticism of Jeremy Hunt. They created a human chain across Westminster Bridge, linking St Thomas’ Hospital and Parliament.

Human chain video –


Nursing student Emma Rans said “every part of the NHS is either already under attack or will be under attack in the very near future. I believe that if we do not unite together now, then we will be more vulnerable.”


Photo taken by Bursary or Bust


KCLSU encouraged the walk out, in solidarity with nurses and junior doctors. They said that “these students play a crucial role in the functioning of the NHS, effectively working as additional staff for large parts of their courses.”

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt claimed that 43% of junior doctors showed up to work-slightly more than the first 24 hour strike last month. NHS England later confirmed that the 43% figure included doctors who had never intended to strike like those working in emergency care.

Todays walkout was part of a week of action called by trade unions and student unions.

Additional reporting by Areeb Ullah. 



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