Mysterious red telephone boxes appeared at the Maughan library earlier this morning.

A NEW Agatha Christie drama began filming on Chancery Lane this morning. The set extended to the garden of the Maughan library, with 1920s-style props lacing the entrance of the historic building.

An employee told us of a “murder mystery drama” relating to “Agatha Christie”, but in keeping with the genre, refused to disclose more information.


King’s has been the set of films and TV dramas in the past. Last year, Gerard Butler was spotted racing down Strand on the set of the action thriller, London Has Fallen.

Earlier this year, the BBC commissioned a slew of new Agatha Christie adaptations, including a TV reworking of The Witness for the Prosecution. The story is about the murder of an heiress for the inheritance of her family fortune. It is being made into a two-part adaptation by Sarah Phelps.

Speaking to the BBC, Phelps described the plot as “a compelling story of deceit, desire, murder, money and morality, innocence and guilt, heartbreak and – most painful and dangerous of all – love.”

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