Guy’s Bar Renovations Will Shut Bar For Six Months

Out with the old, in with the new. Did it ever actually look like this?

Guy’s Bar & Cafe is set to close for six months for renovations on 19th March 2016, KCLSU has announced. The details of the planned closure were outlined in a press release seen by Roar.

The statement said that the closure of the bar was to allow for a redesign that would ‘improve the quality of the space and the services offered to students’.

The renovations form part of a larger overhaul of student spaces on Guy’s campus, with the Student Centre and activity rooms that are currently based in Boland House being relocated to the West Wing. The bar itself will remain in the same location, but with ‘a new look and feel’.

These changes are being carried out after wide consultation with students about their ‘recreational, food and drink needs’, but many of those based at Guy’s have expressed their unhappiness at the prospect of six months without the venue.

GKT Hockey Captain and 3rd year Medicine student, Tom Morey, had this to say of the planned closure and renovations: “Personally I think it was a rash decision. They didn’t consult the people who it’s there to support and as a result many of them will suffer.”

“Where are they going to get their snakebite fixes now – hmm? I’ll tell you where: the streets. Just another stall that’s going to pop up at that wonderfully famous black market.”

“Guy’s Bar is the heart and soul of Guy’s campus, which we all have a fond love for despite all its faults, a bit like a parent’s love for their deficient child. It will be hard to get by without it, it means we must survive without cheap pitchers and stained shoes. However hopefully it will return in a better state,” chimes in Kouros Driscoll, another 3rd year Medicine student.

Lucia Gomez, 3rd year Medic, simply stated: “If Guy’s bar supplied more pizza and wine then they wouldn’t need to change a thing.”

Several Facebook events have been created to make the most of the last few weeks of the bar being open, and KCLSU have also urged students to ‘come out and say goodbye’. In its absence the Union has recommended that students make the most of events happening at the Strand-based student bar: the Waterfront.

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