WATCH: The moment Marathon man proposes to King’s student girlfriend mid-race


A NURSING student got the surprise of her life when her exhausted boyfriend proposed midway through running the London Marathon.

After carrying the ring on his finger for 20 miles Kent AC runner Tim proposed to King’s postgrad Linda Eyre before carrying on to finish the race in a cool 2 hours 53 minutes.

Linda, who studies Adult Nursing, told Roar: “I am on cloud nine and still in shock really. It was apparently months in the planning and I had no clue!”

“The video was accidental as my friend was trying to record his run and not expecting a proposal.”

“It’s been a slight distraction from revising this week,” she added.


Boyfriend Tim, on his 20th mile, runs up to King's girlfriend Linda, she has no idea...


Linda holds out an energy gel as Tim produces the ring...


Tim pops the question to a still bemused Linda






More yes and a definite yes.


The now groom-to-be Tim runs off to finish the last six miles...


And Bride-to-be Linda still can't quite believe it


Sooooo cute!


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