King’s Student to Row Across Atlantic Ocean


Jack Glasworthy, 21-year-old Bio-Medical Sciences student at King’s, is all set to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic with his partner Freddie Wright this December. The duo is supported by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales Duke of Cornwall in their endeavour to make a mark in the world records as the youngest pair to row successfully from La Gomera to Antigua. “We were pretty much ready to go last Tuesday, when the race was originally scheduled for the off, so now we are a bit bored and just want to get going to be honest with you,” shares Jack.

The ‘Talisker Atlantic Challenge’ is regarded as one of the toughest rowing competitions in the world. The twosome will have to fight 40 foot waves, harsh winds and steer clear of sharks for roughly two months in order to achieve their goal.

“We have various plans in place for different things. If in a storm we have plans as to how we will move around the boat and try to remain as safe as possible,” informs Jack. The team of two realizes that there are going to be ups and downs in their relationship during the course of this competition and hence, has a plan to tackle bickering too. “When we argue we have strategies for that (an only be angry for 3 hours!),” says Jack.

You can track their progress on their Facebook page. We wish them all the best!



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