King’s Students Stand in Solidarity with International Students


Representatives from KCLSU and activists walked around campus urging International Students to write down their experiences of being at King’s.

The rally began at 1pm in the King’s Building lobby. The whiteboard travelled to the Chapters cafeteria and will remain in the Macadam Building lobby for students to write on.

Yesterday’s action is part of a wider campaign organised by the National Union of Students to draw attention to the problems international students face.

These include having to pay to use the NHS, the scrapping of post-study work visas,  student fees increasing and the introduction of landlord immigration checks.

KCSLU had originally planned lecture walkouts at 10:30am to join other university students skipping class around the UK. However students had raised concerns that this would have a negative impact on their studies.

International Students Officer Momin Saqib said, “We found that students supported walking out of lectures at first. But because in some cases attendance marks up to 10 percent of the overall module mark, we decided instead to have an assembly during lunchtime when more students are out of class.”

The whiteboard will travel around King’s campuses in Waterloo, Guy’s and Denmark Hill within a week. Students wishing to be updated on the movement can follow KCLSU’s Twitter page.

Are you an international student? Email if you think we should be covering a story impacting international students. 

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