KCLSU student elections: Scandal, mugs and drama literally everywhere


SCANDAL and sabotage on Surrey Street today as reports of candidates’ campaign posters being defaced emerge.

Tactics employed include strategically-placed objects, the removal of posters and the dog-eat-dog world of the King’s notice-board real estate market.

As of this afternoon, KCLSU didn’t have a clue about it as absolutely no one had complained. Roar hears that people might do in the near future though.


There’s been 1,586 votes in total so far, with most voters based (predictably) at the Strand campus at 900 votes, Guy’s following with 359 votes cast, 183 at Waterloo, and 84 at Denmark Hill.

St. Thomas’ campus students are presumably too busy birthing babies and popping hernias back in to have had a chance to vote, with a turnout of zero.

Mugs: Hand wash only and non-microwavable, but complete with fancy silicone lid, #hashtag and imperative election slogan, limited to ten pieces only, KCLSU were giving them out to lucky tweeteurs.

Hopefully something will actually happen tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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