KCLSU student elections kick off with an explosive start…


KCLSU Student Officer elections began this morning, and voting is open until Thursday. Students have the opportunity to elect new Officers, who will be campaigning throughout the week.

The five positions up for grabs include President, VP for Activities and Development, VP for Education (Arts and Sciences), VP for Education (Health) and VP for Welfare and Community.

Students can expect heavy canvassing, ungodly numbers of flyers, and intense social media use. Extensive caps-lock use is likely to be experienced. Some candidates have gone all-out by producing videos – nobody’s News Feed is safe.

Voting takes place online via the KCLSU website, using the AV system by which students can rank candidates by order of preference.

We’ll be keeping you all updated with the riveting, fast-paced world of student politics in action. Hold on tight, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride.

You can also listen to the live recordings of the Q&As by KCL Radio here.

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