Exclusive pictures: Inside King’s new Aldwych buildlings


IN case you missed it, King’s will be taking over the Aldwych Quarter after a speedy snap up by the College.

What exactly the College was taking over was quite confusing – so we explained it in pictures.

Principal Ed ‘Babe’ Byrne spoke exclusively to Roar at the time of the announcement, and told us how and why they went for the iconic buildings at the end of Kingsway. Then he invited us on a tour around Bush House, one of the four buildings King’s has leased.

Here are a few snaps from the tour:


1. So, the entrance is fit for King’s eh?


2. Inside everywhere looked like this.

Although, this isn’t Bush House as we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside. This is its next door neighbour, Strand House (which King’s will also lease). They look identical on the inside.


3. It also has the most beautiful staircases.

Former home of the BBC, the place was incredibly run down until recently – apparently the owners spent £7m scrubbing it up to this standard.


4. Check out the awesome view down Kingsway.


5. When we were done ogling, we went round the other side.

Where most people insisted on either taking selfies, or being in selfies (including the Principal – in the background in the tan coat).


6. Then we peered over the side…

The Principal told Roar that this would be used for student space and could be kept open or be covered.


7. And the view got better…


8. And better…


9. And seriously f*cking better.

In between the Strand Building on the far left and Somerset House on the right, three of the four buildings King’s have planned to be knocked down.

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