STUDENTS protested in white coats and masks of university bosses to campaign against the cutting of up to 120 academic staff, outside a meeting of the College Council at Waterloo campus this afternoon.

KingsTV produced a short news package on the demonstration. The video was filmed and edited by Giedrė Balsevičiūtė.

See photos from today on KCLSU Student Media’s instagram here.


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  1. The current levels of staff are clearly unsustainable or else kings would not be taken this action. It would be interesting to see a poll of students who would rather see more investment in facilities and campus infrastructure over staff and academics who may come into contact with relatively few students. I personally have come across lecutres and tutors who I feel are substandard in the role in which they are being used and would be more than happy to see their names on the list of redundancies


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