KCLSU Student Council election results: Full list of winners


OVER 1,300 students voted in the KCLSU Student Council elections this year, smashing the last two year’s record by over 300 votes.

Here is the full list of 40 councillors who will make up Council this year:

Student Council Chair: Anthony Shaw

NUS Delegates: Nadine AlmanasfiAhmed KerwanDuaa KhairNatalie FaberEmily Ritchey, and Jamie Sweeney

Arts & Humanities Representatives:  Aysha Strachan and Miriam Keaveny

Bioscience Representatives: Jade Seidman and Zaidi Hamid

Dental Representatives: Rahim Quraishi and Balraj Sohal

Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience Representative: Amy Gillespie

Law Representatives: Max Bartlett and Anastasia Lebedev

Medicine Representatives: Lucy Webb and Mohamed Elbuzidi

Natural & Mathematical Sciences Representatives: Umar Khan and Sami Mziu

Nursing & Midwifery Representatives: Pearl Sakoane

Social Sciences & Public Policy Representatives: Angus Swanson and Steven Murgia

Postgraduate Taught Officer: Edward Leffler

Societies Officer: Amanie El-Alfy

Student Media Officer: Dulcie Lee

Volunteering Officer: Hannah Gorgui-Naguib

Disabled Students’ Officer: Nicole Walsh

Environment & Ethics Officer: Alberto Torres

Ethnic Minorities Officer: Ovia Nagulendram

Halls Officer: Hannah Smethurst

Interfaith Officer: Noor Khan

International Students’ Officer: Rogelio Leal Benavides

LGBT Officer: Ben Hunt

Mature Students’ Officer: Lyudmil Stanev

Women’s Officer: Hareem Ghani

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