Lord Adonis follows best bud David Willetts in appointment to Policy Institute


LORD Andrew Adonis will be buddying up with David Willetts as the latest appointment to the Policy Institute at King’s.

Hinting at the potential of a budding Policy Institute bromance, Willetts has previously been quoted as claiming to be “more authentically Andrew Adonis than Andrew Adonis,” and “saying what Andrew Adonis would like to say but cannot”.

Adonis will be bringing the same policy advising skills previously enjoyed by Tony Blair to the table at King’s.

He has also been appointed as a visiting professor alongside fellow Bro-fessor Willetts, as well as advisor to the newly formed Strand Group, a policy forum bringing together academics and policy makers to make sweet, sweet policy (apparently).

Lord Adonis became a Labour life peer and Minister for Schools in 2005. His flagship policy of Academy schools were featured in his 2012 book ‘Education, Education, Education’, because just one education is never enough.

Jon Davis, Director of the Strand Group said: “Lord Adonis’s body appointment is tremendous news for King’s. He is Parliament’s foremost thinker in issues such as schools policy, apprenticeships, national infrastructure, regional policy and much more besides.” (Naughty).

Adonis has been appointed to the Policy Institute along with Sir Nicholas Macpherson, Professor John Rentoul, Sir Kevin Tebbit and William Keegan CBE.

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