Regents in good position for play-offs after Mariners victory

American football: King's College London's Regents

By Hassan Rashed & Dan Rees

ON A WET and windy Sunday afternoon, the King’s College Regents emerged muddy, wet and cold, but ultimately victorious over the Greenwich Mariners in what was a defensive behemoth of a game.

The score, 6-0, may indicate a close game, but that could not be farther from the truth as the Regents had control from the start.

Storms, rain, hail and 55 mph winds over London. The defensive line stuffed Greenwich’s run game all afternoon, with pressure also coming in the Greenwich QB’s face from the 2 defensive sends, Jacob Smith and Rory Jubber and an oft blitzing Ameer Rashed, who picked up a couple of sacks and an interception.

The secondary also got in on the action, with safety Dan Rees making a couple of important tackles on the sidelines, and forcing a fumble which was recovered by a rookie corner, Josh Poole. This proved an important turnover as Rashed rumbled in for the only touchdown of the day just a few plays later.

Stellar play in the second half

On the offensive side of the ball, the weather made it difficult for the Regents to get things going in the passing game.

But QB Jack Burdell made a couple of important 1st down throws to receivers Nick Heemsjerk and Jacob Carah to move the chains, while running back Ameer Rashed ran the hard yards down the middle all day, hitting holes made by a dominant offensive line, aided by some stellar play in the second half by new recruit Danny Gibbs at left tackle.

Roar!’s sports editor Toby Bruce-Jones also got in on the action, converting on an important 4th down, and using his pace to get to the edge.

This Sunday’s win over the Mariners leaves the Regents at 3-2 and sitting nicely in a play-off spot as things stand.

Turning from a dream to reality

“The play-offs start now” was a phrase that had echoed from the lips of the Coach Stephen Ramos since the end of the winter break, yet now, this notion is quickly turning from a dream to reality as the Regents pick up momentum heading into February.

Our final home game of the season is Sunday February 16 against the newly formed City Sentinels in Burgess Park. We hope to see you there.

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