No more ExCel for exams, but how does Olympia stack up?


AFTER the Tubegate omnishambles of last exam season, it looks like King’s have actually listened to students’ concerns for once (omg right?).

The College announced earlier this year that all 2014/15 exams will now be sat in Kensington Olympia, rather than that hell-hole known as the ExCel Centre.

But with January exams fast approaching, how does the new Olympia venue actually stack up?


1. The location

ExCel: Docklands, aka bloody ages from anywhere

Olmypia: Kensington, aka that place from Made in Chelsea

No longer will you have to trek five miles across the city to taste that beautiful post-exam drink, instead you’ll be able to step right out into trendy Kensington and pay £10 for one.


2. The nearest tube

ExCel: Custom House, Zone 4, DLR, WTF

Olympia: Kensington Olympia, Zone 2, Overground / District Line

Gone are the 6am set-offs, negotiating five or six tube changes and many more sweaty armpits to reach the exam venue on time.

You’ll now have a straight-forward – and much cheaper – journey to Kensington Olympia via a tube line that people have actually heard of.


3. Flying things

ExCel: Planes from London City Airport, pigeons

Olympia: None

Is it a bird? It’s a plane? No, it’s neither. It’s Olympia! No more interruptions from the 10:50am flight to Aberdeen for us.


4. Build date

Olympia: 1886

ExCel: 2000

Architecture and grand design might not be top of the list for exam centre requirements, however, Olympia definitely beats the eerie Orwellian nightmare of the ExCel.

Instead King’s students can check out the Victorian show centre built over 125 years ago as they try to cram in that last bit of revision.

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