The London political equation


London, the buzzing political capital of students’ dreams.

London undoubtedly represents the heart of British politics, and the UK’s prominent military and diplomacy roles in the EU, UN and NATO, keep it in the frontline of global decision making. The best part of this is that as a student in London, you get to be a part of the action! KCL’s Strand campus is a mere 20 minute walk away from the Houses of Parliament, where you can observe debates, committee sessions and Prime Minister’s Question Time, or simply tour its iconic buildings. What’s more, in recent years the KCL Internships programme has successfully helped students intern at the Houses of Parliament, the British Business Council and other institutions of a similar calibre.

However, if you see yourself more as an ambassador for change, the headquarters of numerous internationally renowned NGOs (such as Amnesty International and WWF) and prominent pressure groups (including Stop the War Coalition) can also be easily accessed in the capital. Excitingly, there are also few major protests in the city that fail to pass the river bank right behind our Strand campus!

Even within the parameters of KCL, there are numerous opportunities to get informed, participate in policy formation and debate with field experts. The KCL Politics Society successfully orchestrates a variety of events through the year that tackle global issues with a mixed panel of political commentators and officials in an interactive seminar. KCL Model United Nations gives the opportunity to participate in weekly debate sessions on topical issues, following the real life timetable of the UN. KCLMUN also attends several conferences each year at universities around the UK, as well as one at Harvard in the U.S. Additionally, there are numerous KCL societies with specific political allegiances: KCL Action Palestine, KCL UN Food Program, Student Action for Refugees, the Conservative and Labour societies, KCL Feminist and Marxist societies, KCL Amnesty International – the list goes on!

These are not just opportunities available to KCL students nowadays; they are opportunities which King’s students have historically made the most of. The slogan ‘King’s Creates Legends’ is true: KCL alumni have gone on to become heads of state and government for a variety of countries, including Jordan, Iraq, Uganda, Cyprus and the Bahamas. Also, besides the overwhelming number of KCL graduates that have served as MPs in both Parliamentary houses during the last two centuries, our alumni have entered foreign political institutions, as well as regional and supranational bodies. Others opting for the legal route have gone on to become judges in national Supreme Courts, as well as the International Court of Justice.

So whether you’re a student looking to change the world, or simply one interested in politics, you’re definitely in the right place!

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