Swim, bike, run – three times the fun


By Dominic Lewis – It is 7AM on a cold and murky Sunday morning and the sun is yet to rise above London’s skyline.  Most King’s students are sleeping soundly in their beds with a lengthy lie in scheduled, as the shadow of Monday looms ever closer.  However some alarm clocks are still in operation on this otherwise lethargic morning as a small group of committed KCL triathletes don their padded lycra and load up on carbs in preparation for the mornings brutal bike training.

On arrival into Richmond Park the morning fog is yet to lift. It curls between the trees as herds of deer roam freely; a scene you do not expect to see within London, but it provides a welcome respite from the chaos of the city.  However, the view cannot be enjoyed for long as Rowan, the team coach, sends the determined athletes off on a demanding two hour slog whilst attempting to avoid the hundreds of other keen cyclists, cars, motorbikes and previously said wildlife.

So with 1/3 of the events in a triathlon sorted, little time is allowed to recover as at 7PM on a Monday the team is reunited with Rowan in Battersea Park where an hour-long running training is held.  With all abilities welcome, the team is often split into several groups, thus allowing the Mo Farahs out there to be pushed just as hard as those new to the sport.

All that is left now is the swim.  This event starts off a triathlon but is known to be many peoples weaker of the three.  Despite this, the club president Katherine, being an experienced swimmer takes charge of the training sessions and with a diverse set working on both stamina and technique, club members are given the support needed to improve and prepare them for the races to come.

KCL Triathlon is a relatively new addition to the sport at King’s but has grown in strength each year with increasing success across a range of events spanning the UK.  Last year the talents of Tyge Rasmussen were on display as he destroyed the opposition in the sprint distance triathlon taking home first place.

Katherine de Rome also had a very successful year being the 1st female in the Brighton Sprint Triathlon and 2nd female in the Exeter Aquathlon (swim-run).  Also noteworthy is Anne-Marie Benoy who was the 3rd female in the Brighton Sprint.
The club has gained a good batch of new members this year (possibly with a little help from the Brownlee Brothers) and after acquiring a set of brand new road bikes last year the sport is even more accessible to King’s students.  KCL Triathlon now looks forward to another successful year with many personal accomplishments for both the experienced triathletes and those trying it for the first time.

“The success of the Brownlee brothers this summer seems to have given a huge boost to the club. This year is looking like it will be our best yet. If you think you are up to the challenge come along and try a tri”

For more information on how to join and times/dates of training, contact the commitee using the following e-mail address:

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