Student face-savers


The best face-saving student beauty tricks in the business all rounded up.

Some say students have it easy, but when it comes to late nights of studying (or occasionally partying) and the horror of the 9am start, the signs of tiredness can show when the beauty morning ritual is cut short. However, some of the latest products on the market are beauty lifesavers for the average student.

Whether it is a party or a night of working, never forget to take off your make-up. It will only lead to more worrying issues! Want to do this in one clean and harmless step? Then grab your hands on Bioderma H20 solution. One pump on a cotton pad removes everything. Simple.















Late nights will undoubtedly take their toll on the skin. Spots and a dull complexion is always a horror, no matter how early in the morning. Estée Lauder’s new Advance Night repair serum is a saviour; a pricey item but worth every penny. One drop rubbed into the skin will fade away those signs of tiredness whilst adding moisture and a ‘plumping up’ effect.











A speedy morning makeup routine is essential for the rush to reach the 9am. Four steps in five minutes will get you ready. Dior Skin Nude BB cream will provide you with an illuminating and natural base. Next is concealer, the most important step. If you can get your hands on Nars Creamy Concealer then it speaks for itself. Finish with a swoop of cream blush – a dollop of MAC something special always does the trick – and a coating of mascara that you know works fast. Clinique High Impact, for example, will make you look a wide-eyed beauty!

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