KCL Volleyball reaches new heights


By Sharon Poon – So just after the Christmas holidays, what good news has KCL Volleyball got for you all? Plenty. For a starter, if you didn’t already know, our men’s team made it to the finals of the Volleyball England Student Cup.

They played four matches in one day and completely smashed them all. Okay it sounds quite easy like that, but take into account that they were on a train at the ungodly hour of 6:45am on a Saturday, you’ve got to admit that’s quite impressive. If you think that’s all in terms of us winning, think again.

Our women’s team is sailing through the season without losing one single match in league 1A. Yes I hear you ask – how are we doing in comparison with UCL? A lot better would be an understatement. We played them twice so far and won both matches with ease and in style. Just look at our brand new proper Italian kits, not going to show you a photo but UCL was wearing these strange purple t-shirts… Just saying.

Enough bragging, parties are what we can also show our squad is really about. We had our annual Christmas party not long ago in totally club-of-the-year-style. It happened on one cold winter Friday night, in an actually kind of nice council estate flat.

All our players let their hair down (literally, well maybe except Ana) and mingled with the rest of the club. Oh I forgot to mention, we also have a bunch of keen volleyballers who do not enjoy walking over the defeated opponents as much as the first team do and only play for fun. They do it every Wednesday near Shoreditch, if you are one of them, hurry up and join us! Anyway, as per usual people don’t remember too much from the party. But according to official records it was on from 7pm to 6am, with plenty of food and drinks. We are probably the only house party throwers that provide you with absolutely delicious stuffed mushrooms, chicken stew with rice and fresh fruit soaked in vodka…

There were lots of chatting, drinking games, music playing, dancing and some sort of hooking ups as we all know. But the night came to life with highlights such as our (self-proclaiming almost 30 but more like 50) coach going down on his knee to propose to our super hot women’s captain, fitting God knows how many people on a bed and eventually breaking it (sorry Alex) and plenty of lost/unclaimed clothes. Textbook awesome party.

If you are feeling gutted that you miss out on so much volleyball goodness, come to us when you’re back from your warm homes next term. We will show you the wonderful volleyball world and take you to this pub that has amazing pizza and beer, promise. Happy New Year KCL! Hope you havn’t eaten too much otherwise you can’t jump…


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