Some great tips for film fans wishing to make the most of London.


London is a fantastic city for many reasons, but it is my favourite place because of the variety of things there are to do. Particularly regarding one of my favourite hobbies, film and TV/celeb-stalking. So here is a list of ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ when it comes to enjoying the film industry in London Town.

HOT– Heading to the BFI for some escapism from Hollywood blockbusters is just what is needed sometimes. Head to the BFI on the Southbank if you fancy exciting your eyeballs with something a little bit different and a little less mainstream. You might surprise yourself when you discover your new favourite genre is a black and white gangster film, in Spanish, with subtitles…

HOT– How do you fancy seeing some hot totty strutting their stuff on the red carpet? Why not go to Leicester Square when a fi lm premier is happening and trying your luck at some celeb-spotting? You never know who you might meet…

HOT– Living and studying so close to TV studios means you could be on TV – for free! Shows are always looking to fill their audience seats, so do a little research for companies who provide free audience tickets, it’s so much fun!

NOT– Rushing to work along the Strand and, literally, bumping into James Corden who spills coffee down your coat. Yes, this really happened and yes, it was incredibly embarrassing. Let’s not talk about this anymore.

NOT– When your friend meets Tom Hardy and you don’t.


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